Digital Marketing

The days are gone when advertising could be only on Television, billboards, newspapers and radio; often with a big budget involved. Today, with the advancement of technology and the reach that smart phones have, it is recommended to have an online presence and use that to your advantage. Many people spend a lot of time on their phones nowadays; be it on social media, playing games or attending to business such as via mails. All these are avenues for potential business through digital or online marketing.

At Technofic Lab, we help you seize this new market opportunity while also maintaining your existing one through your website and social media accounts’ presence. In whatever industry your company is in, we have the right personnel and enough experience to help you maximise your potential.

What We Do


We study and understand our clients’ companies, motivation, goals and customers. We do this so that we can get to know the brand. Our digital marketing strategy is aimed at sustaining current customers, getting new customers and expanding the brand’s reach and exposure.
With the information we gather, we are able to create creative digital content that can advertise products, services, campaigns and even the company and maintain the company’s image all while meeting the marketing objectives.


We have through the years and through experience; been able to accumulate some of the greatest talent on our team & tools of trade. Turning ideas into reality is what we do. When developing products, we keep in mind the needs of our customers and their customers. User Experience (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) are a component of our design and development process.
We also employ analytic tools at our disposal, both in the social media campaigns we take part in and in websites to study, analyze and better the outcome of our marketing.


Communication is very important in any digital marketing campaign. We consider who your intended market is, what the product is, what the intention of the campaign is. So that we can be able to get our message across and effectively.
Part of this involves coming up with, through collaboration with our clients, good content design that maintains the brand image while also being creative and effective.
In this regard, we also help companies through training know how interact with the audience they get in the course of a campaign.

How our Digital marketing
strategies help you

With our digital marketing services, we are to build for your business an online presence that is interactive and engages directly with customers.

We understand and appreciate that customers and potential customers spend a lot of time on their phones/computers, our digital marketing campaigns are able to reach this people as they interact online thereby giving your company more exposure.

It is a good Return on Investment. Our marketing campaigns will correctly reach your intended target market and at fair prices thereby driving up business for you.

We are able to tailor-make adverts and digital content that will be understood by the market and will produce the intended results. This is because we are able to make campaigns that are personal to your clients.

The reach of Digital content is big as it can be advertised anywhere in the world. Thereby, the marketing campaigns we do for you can have a global reach if that is your intention.

You can see our Digital Marketing gigs from here:

Please Note: This gig doesn’t mean you are bound with the services, we can offer you custom gig too. So let’s discuss first your project to get the best offer from us.