Software Development

Technofic Lab is a company with a reputation for developing modern, innovative and flexible software solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives.

We have a team made up of some of the best coders, engineers and graphic designers to ensure that every stage of the development process is taken care off. We are collaborative in our approach, as we like to involve our clients in every stage.

Our range of products is diversified with custom products and services for each industry. It is about quality and efficiency with us and our software products.



The reason we chose to employ these Tools and Technologies is because they allow us to be multi-functional in our development process and to be able to account for a lot of different factors. Companies nowadays are looking at more than one avenue in maximizing their business potential with our range in the development tools we use, we give our clients a presence in software applications that can run across various devices i.e. from computer to mobile; both as applications and USSD.

How We Develop Products

Requirement Gathering

You cannot plan if you do not know what you are planning for. In order to develop software systems that meet our clients’ expectations; we have to talk to them, understand what they hope to achieve and understand the processes that go on in their company. This will help us determine how to build the system and what to include.


At the end of development and with the help of our clients’, we have a sample size of their employees try out the system to get rid of bugs and to improve it before we can finally deliver a perfect system.

Project Scope

After gathering the requirements of the system, we are then able to map out the scope of the project. What it covers, what and who shall be included in the development, how long it will take and the cost.


This is now where we are able to show our years of experience in software development. We involve only the best team of designers, consultants and developers to make sure we make the expected system.


At this stage the product is now ready for the market and use.

Why build with us?

We believe that everybody deserves an equal and fair opportunity at success. Our products are designed with our clients in mind: big or small, individual or corporation. We deliver the best at all times.
We only get to grow when our clients’ grow by using our products. Because your feedback is important to us; we listen so that we can improve on our service delivery and products.
Our software products are affordable, can be customized to meet your specific needs, and are secure and efficient.

Try us today for a terrific experience and a long-lasting fruitful business relationship.

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Please Note: This gig doesn’t mean you are bound with the services, we can offer you custom gig too. So let’s discuss first your project to get the best offer from us.